Mayor Kevin L. Faulconer

City of San Diego |

Repair 1,000 miles of streets in five years

As part of his pledge to make street repair the City’s top infrastructure priority, Mayor Kevin Faulconer promised that the City would repair 1,000 miles of streets by 2020.

Miles of streets repaired as a percentage of the Mayor’s 1,000-mile goal

Miles of streets repaired by fiscal year

Included are miles of overlay, slurry seal, and concrete repair plus road repair related to capital projects such as water and sewer pipeline replacement and utilities undergrounding.

Note: Street repairs are measured in ‘repair miles,’ which account for both the length and width of streets. Fiscal year 2014 is the first full fiscal year comprehensive repair data is readily available. For more detailed information, see

Source: City of San Diego Transportation & Storm Water Department