Create Homes for All of Us

Every San Diegan deserves to have a safe place they call home. The City’s strategic plan prioritizes the creation of diverse types of affordable and accessible housing for all.

To create homes for all of us, we envision:

  • San Diegans benefit from a diversity of different housing types, with homes that are affordable to everyone in all communities.
  • The City helps San Diegans find ways to build housing cheaper, faster, and easier.
  • San Diegans live in vibrant communities with healthy homes and access to opportunity.
  • San Diegans experiencing homelessness have access to long-term housing with supportive services.
  • San Diego’s unsheltered residents are quickly placed in stable housing options.

The City has developed a series of strategies to help realize these outcomes.

Creating homes for us all is both about developing affordable housing and developing connected communities where San Diegans can afford to live, and also enjoy living. This focus area includes figuring out where more homes are needed across the city and updating City code to allow for more affordable homes in areas close to transit, job centers, schools, and parks.

  • Review where more homes are needed across the city to meet our housing, mobility, and sustainability goals. 
  • Achieve 2020-30 Regional Housing Needs Assessment Housing Units target. 
  • Allow development on vacant or underutilized City-owned sites to increase housing supply with greater affordability requirements. 
  • Adopt commercial parking reform in Transit Priority Areas (TPAs), allowing alternative land uses to provide more housing. 
  • Supporting the building of additional entry level-housing. 
  • Focus on the missing ‘middle’ by encouraging the development of new housing that is affordable to middle income residents (80-150% of area median income). 
  • Update City code to allow for more affordable homes in areas close to job centers, schools, parks, and opportunities.
  • Support programming for healthy homes that are safe and sustainable, including building decarbonization through retrofit and appliance swap programs.

San Diego Snapshot

Median Household Income
Median Value of Owner-occupied Housing
Source: US Census Data Quick Facts for City of San Diego 2019

To create homes for all of us, we are working collaboratively with developers to facilitate the permitting process, making it easier, faster and cheaper to construct new homes. In addition, we are working to streamline the process to add certainty and predictability to the process and encourage mixed-use development.

  • Improve the permitting process to enhance customer service and make it easier, faster, and cheaper to construct housing, without compromising safety or quality of life.
  • Eliminate non-value-add discretionary approval hurdles. 
  • Encourage life/work flexibility that allows for co-benefits and multi-use. 

An important element of creating homes for us all is preserving our stock of single room housing – a vital housing option for people experiencing financial hardship or transitioning from shelter or other temporary living situations. The plan calls for preserving and expanding these options, along with subsidizing affordable rental units and increasing the number of long-term rental units available in the city.

  • Preserve and expand single-room-occupancy housing stock.
  • Increase rental subsidy utilization.
  • Support actions that compliment and return short-term rentals into long-term rentals. 

San Diego Snapshot

Affordable housing
Apartments, townhouses,
and single-room units
Source: San Diego Housing Commission/Housing Development Partners

As a city, we value people, and believe every San Diegan deserves to have a place to call home. Our strategic plan outlines ways to reduce the population experiencing homelessness with person-centered, compassionate services. We are focused on placement in housing that provides supportive services, along with prevention strategies, and interim solutions for a comprehensive approach to addressing this most basic need for our community.

  • Enhance homelessness prevention and diversion programs. 
  • Increase placements to permanent housing destinations. 
  • Promote wrap-around service options alongside housing placements. 
  • Increase access to shelters, safe havens, and interim housing. 
  • Promote and achieve  equity in service access for historically underserved communities, including minority  groups, transitioned-aged youth, and LGBTQ+  individuals. 
  • Promote  person-centered, compassionate  outreach and  service engagement. 
  • Track retention rate in housing intervention and returns to homelessness. 
  • Increase stock of permanent supportive housing. 
  • Use data to determine the effectiveness and return-on-investment for funding programs and contracts.

Track Our Progress

Source: San Diego Housing Commission