Advancing Mobility & Infrastructure

Efficient, safe, and convenient transportation and infrastructure options are critical to a healthy San Diego, which is why a key priority in the City’s Strategic Plan is to advance mobility. Improving fundamental paths of travel, like ensuring safe, high-quality roads, will be just one part of improving mobility as a whole.

The Mobility Area of Focus will aim for:

  • San Diegans in all communities, of all ages and abilities, can efficiently get from point A to point B with mobility options that are safe, affordable, and sustainable.
  • San Diegans travel on high-quality infrastructure that creates safe and comfortable spaces for people to walk, roll, ride, or drive.

To make these outcomes a reality, the City has identified several strategies designed to produce specific results. They are summarized below.

The Strategic Plan calls for constructing and maintaining high-quality multimodal infrastructure, which is key to creating streets that are safer and more enjoyable for pedestrians and bicyclists – and ultimately used more frequently. Street maintenance, repairs, and other roadway enhancements will support this part of the plan.

  • Optimize street maintenance, repairs, and associated processes.
  • Address and reduce repair, maintenance, and installation backlogs.
  • Improve street preservation ordinance compliance.
  • Develop improved trench repair standards.
  • Research and construct improvements using innovative materials.
  • Selectively deploy emerging technology (for example, AI, CAV, etc.).

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Street Repair

Source: City of San Diego Transportation Department

Safety is the City’s paramount concern with mobility, and the Strategic Plan will work to create safer roads for all users – especially the most vulnerable. By improving visibility and awareness of road users through road design and environment; systemic safety measures that account for human error and injury tolerance; and reducing conflicts at intersections, San Diegans’ roads will be a safer place for all to travel.

  • Separate users of different speeds and mass.
  • Implement measures for systemic safety, accounting for human error and injury tolerance.
  • Reduce speeds on segments, and conflicts at intersections.
  • Fund and build roundabouts.

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Source: City of San Diego Vision Zero program:

To ensure that all San Diegans receive the mobility improvements they deserve, a special focus will be given to equitable improvements across the City. This includes things like making sure underfunded communities get their fair share of transit, bike, and pedestrian infrastructure, and ensuring mobility projects are planned and completed in historically underfunded communities.

  • Improve geographic distribution of road, transit, bike, and pedestrian infrastructure.
  • Fund and complete projects in historically underfunded communities.

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Mobility Access & Current Conditions

Source: City of San Diego 2021 Climate Equity Index scores:

San Diegans who need accessibility accommodations will also be served through the mobility focus area. The Strategic Plan will add new improvements to City streets that assist individuals of all ages and abilities to move around easier. Projects include improving sidewalk maintenance, adding curb ramps, installing detectable warnings, and holistically implementing ADA standards across the City.

  • Improve installation and maintenance of sidewalks, curb ramps, and detectable warnings.
  • Design, maintain, and improve roads that are usable for all people, whether they are eight or 80 years old.
  • Holistically implement ADA standards during right-of-way maintenance and improvement projects, including evaluation for accessible parking (timed parking and blue curbs).

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Sidewalk Maintenance

Source: City of San Diego Transportation Department

Efficiency must be improved in all modes of transportation to advance mobility across San Diego. In addition, having choices with mobility options is crucial to making San Diegans’ journey efficient, sustainable, and/or complete. To this end, the City will focus on increasing access to electric vehicle charging stations, planning projects that create complete streets and complete corridors, as well as improving transit connections by investing in first-mile/last-mile solutions – ultimately making it easier and therefore more appealing to travel by public transportation.

  • Increase access to electric vehicle charging stations.
  • Improve transit connections by investing in first-mile/last-mile solutions.
  • Implement key transit-only lanes for greater efficiency for the transit system.
  • Review and improve traffic signalization to safely improve throughput and efficiency across different modes.
  • Plan and program for projects that create complete streets and complete corridors.

San Diego Snapshot:
Mixed-Use Transit Network